• I write on my laptop at home at my desk, which takes up very little physical space. I do like to be sitting at a desk when I write.
  • I need to be alone to write, and wouldn’t go to a cafe to do it.
  • I usually go to a cafe to meet friends, but maybe I would be more of an artist if I went alone and took a book!
  • I used to write in my bedroom – that’s where the computer lived. But since I was spending a lot of time blogging, that didn’t seem right, so I have migrated to my living room with a lap-top. Here I don’t have to move far to make a cup of tea and a snack. I can see the TV if I want to watch something I find online.
  • There are few distractions here so it is a good place to write. So far housework has not succeeded in distracting me from Writing 101. But it is always there if I get stuck.
  • How lucky am I to have this space? Will I find out if I have it because I am meant to write something? Or will it be a case of “Carry on Blogging”?
  • Who knows – in the summer I might move onto my balcony for a more airy and open state of mind.
  • The space all writers really need is head-space, which is another thing that has arrived unexpectedly in my life. The delinquent tenants have been evicted. No more commuting, multi-tasking or meeting of “expectations”. Time to think.
  • As yet I don’t have a writing habit. I have a blogging habit.

And now for the poll:

20 thoughts on “Day 6: The space to write

  1. I really prefer blogs about bloggers real life, their struggles, their successes, what they think or feel. I’m not into recipes, fashion, poetry, fiction (although one blogger has me hooked on a realistic but fictional weekly story) and I really appreciate a humorous twist. If they use curse words, I stop reading nor will I follow them.


  2. Hello Meg, I think it is a problem with WordPress.com – if you use the reader, you have to past the url into a list for it to appear. I pasted a number of .org sites in the Alumni if you think you missed anyone else…Thanks for reading…

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  3. Hey Maddy, it’s really good to see that at least one of us is growing regular at blogging. 🙂 You know I missed out on the 101 course sign up this time round 😦 but I have made a post on this particular subject today. 🙂 If you may, do review 🙂
    And I am always found in the living room as well, it’s easier to find snacks here. Lol. 🙂


  4. It’s a well constructed poll. I also like your writing space preferences.

    I voted for Empathy.

    Love and light ❤



  5. I always enjoy reading your blog, Maddy… where did the summer go? There is SO much to do, but there always is, and the more I have to do the more I actually DO. We put in a laminate floor this summer, and I try to keep my forest and garden in shape–its never ending.


  6. Marry I liked your poll, but it was hard to choose only one. Thanks for following; I have been following you for a while. I enjoy it. I loved your remark about having to have space in the head for writing and you have to boot out the aircraft to accomplish much.


  7. Hello Oneta.
    I didn’t get any response from my Where Were you When that you had mentioned so I have changed my Monday Maddyathome post to Memories. If you still want to write about that day in 1975 that Saigon fell, I would be very happy to have you do it as a Guest Poster.


  8. I am so glad I found you Maddy. It is amazing how we find each other, since there are so many good bloggers. I like your poll. It is hard to choose just one.


  9. You’re welcome, vivachange77. yes I agree about the head space! It’s always good to find a fellow blogger who is a grandmother, and of course it was great to meet Ed!


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