My dear Ellen

Thank you so much for the owls, they certainly did make my day.

How lovely it is to see that you took the trouble to find a nice piece of paper, and to write me a letter in longhand. Congratulations are in order, because I see that your letter has been chosen for Letter of the Week at Love For the Elderly. I am featuring your letter this week as well, in my WordPress Writing 101 post.

Our challenge today is to write a letter, which I have to say I haven’t done in a very long time. I hope that any of my fellow writers who have children will visit Love For the Elderly. Perhaps they will be inspired to show their computer savvy sons and daughters how to buy a stamp, address the envelope in the old-fashioned way, and pop it in the post. Or they could send them to school and show the teacher the contact details of Love For the Elderly where children’s letters can be sent.

From the link they will be able to see how a handwritten letter can bring so much joy to an elderly person who might be stuck in a nursing home without many visitors.

Wishing you much love and hugs


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