Hello everyone

Welcome to my Writing 101 blog. Once this course finishes I intend to come back here, whenever I have the time and the inclination, to write more creatively. I’m not sure what it will develop into but some brain-storming and some experimentation can be expected. Even some inconsistency…

So it will be all the more important to schedule a monthly update with my readers to let them know where I’m headed. Whilst many bloggers favor coffee for their catch-ups, I will be offering my visitors a very English Afternoon Tea. It’s only going to be once a month after all, so you can expect some cucumber sandwiches and other savories, followed by very dainty and permissible little sponge cakes, all washed down with real tea from a teapot. Tea tastes so much better when we share the pot.

Here’s what I have been up to in September:

  • Still have some tidying up do from the August Blogging 101 WordPress.com course. I changed the theme of Maddy at Home.
  • Created Google calendar with skeleton 90 day schedule for Maddy at Home.
  • Schedule adhered to by and large, no missed postings but some late ones.
  • Kept up with Twitter, Google & Facebook posts, Note to Self need to engage more..
  • Who likes Buddy Holly? – going to a Buddy Holly night next week.
  • Instagram account created via mobile although I don’t really get it yet.
  • Writing 101 started impulsively and at the last minute. I am using my Asoldasyoufeel derelict WordPress.com site for my “musings” here, and I have renamed it “Sshh Maddy is Writing”.
  • So far I have kept up with the tasks and have surprised myself a little bit in that I really enjoyed the creative writing.
  • Sometimes if we want to progress, we need to “just do it” and move on. It doesn’t have to be A+ all the way so I am taking short cuts when I need to.
  • Also started Blogging 201 which is not too taxing because I have already done a lot of what is suggested so that gives me more  time for “socializing”.
  • Have a Senior driving assessment next week – they will tell me if I have developed any bad habits over the years. Driving habits that is….
  • Looking after my daughter’s dog while she is on holiday next week

Planned for October

  • Once the current courses are finished I need to do some development of my site. Hoping to add a chat room and capture some of the more permanently useful information on static pages. Plus check it for anything that is out of date.
  • Enrolled on a MOOC course about Ageing, for November.
  • Weather getting warmer here in Sydney, hope to get out and about.  To the beach….

It feels like I have made some real friends here at WordPress, which I expect to continue long after the courses have finished. Thank you all for visiting. I do appreciate it and I find it really useful to compile this list. Here is my schedule for the Sixty+ Maddy at Home blog. (No you don’t have to be sixty, all young people are very welcome.)

  • Monday – Monday Memories – email me your vintage photos if you want to take part
  • Tuesday – Information Post
  • Wednesday – Photo challenge
  • Thursday – Guest Post – Email me at m.butcher@iinet.net.au if you would like an invitation.
  • Friday – Fridays in the Future – Article
  • Saturday – Day offWarning: random rogue posts may appear here – e.g. updates, venting/support for causes.
  • Sunday – Beach-combing – flotsam and jetsam picked up while surfing the net last week.

Hope you enjoyed your cuppa! I’m coming to you for my “Elevenses” in the morning, so make sure you brew some strong coffee!






19 thoughts on “Day 10: Catch-up – Maddy stops writing long enough for Afternoon Tea…

  1. Will the tea be Lady Grey or Twining English Breakfast? I still make tea in a pot! Cucumber sandwich’s very English


  2. Well I just used some really snob Black Russian teabags which were very nice, but my preferred tea is Tetleys because I’m common! I don’t really like cucumber sandwiches but they are delicious if you add anchovy paste…


  3. If matter is neither created nor destroyed including the smallest bits aka atoms which in essence become freed on corporeal termination, it is possible one oh his snagged in a synapse at that very moment triggering such a response before it resumed its journey…


  4. Yes somehow comforts because I believe there is at least some continuity in the here and now though I know a lot of people believe the continuity is in some notion of after life. With that thought about time for a nap.♻💡

    Liked by 1 person

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