Writing and Not Writing

It would be fair to say that it is quite a job to tear me away from my technology. When not at the keyboard writing, you may find me snuggled up on the sofa with my iPad, reading various forum discussions and browsing Social Media. I have even been known to take the tablet to bed with me to catch up on the latest TV that I have missed.

So I have to prepare a schedule that commits me to doing other things every day, and once a week I try to organize an outing, such as a drive to the country, the beach or a lunch with friends.  I live in the city where many live in apartments. The blocks are often surrounded by an expanse of pavements, concrete, car-parks and garages, with the occasional hardy plant being given scant attention.

Gardening and not gardening

I am lucky enough to live in a block where we have a small area of lawn in the front and another at the back, so my morning routine after putting the rubbish out, hanging the washing and checking the mail, is inspecting the plants.  You would be surprised how many varieties can be found in the area surrounding these relatively small spaces – a beautiful pink azalea, a purple flowering hibiscus, a red climbing rose,  another purple rose that usually only gives us one lonely flower. Then there is a beautiful red camellia, a mauve bougainvillea, honeysuckle, wisteria, and in the sunny spots, jade plants, aloe vera, yucca and sanseveiria. There are more that I can’t name. Of course they do not all flower at the same time, so there is always something flowering on any day you may happen to pass by. On my balcony I try to grow birds nest ferns, stag horns, jasmine, mandevillea and begonias with varying success, a well as a variety of succulents and geraniums that are hard to go wrong with.

It’s a garden that any of the residents can potter around in, doing a little bit of pruning or tidying up here and there, and sharing the relaxing job of watering it each day in the summer. Did I mention the three rabbits that live in the house next door and feel very much at home on our lawns and around the car-park?

More important than the plants and the rabbits, though, are people  –  catching up with family or friends for a meal, a movie or a musical/dancing night, or even just for a coffee, is usually the high-light of my week.

8 thoughts on “Day 11: Writing and Not Writing

  1. That sounds lovely! I am a wretched gardener, mostly because I follow the survival of the fittest regimen of gardening, which translates into if it can survive me ignoring it, then it survives! I’ll have to try and do better!


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