“Without music, life would be a mistake.”

— Friedrich Nietzsche

  • Tell us about a time when a piece of music moved you.
  • Do you have an all-time favorite song? Why is it significant?
  • Compile a playlist of 10 tracks that represent you.

OK, here is my tracklist, I have to post this otherwise I am gonna be here all night, maybe come back another time to answer the questions! I was born 1953 but had to start with the first 3 because I have heard them played so many times.

Might come back with another couple of lists for the next 20 years from 73-93, and the last 20 years

  1. Vera Lynn – The White Cliffs of Dover 1942
  2. Acker Bilk – Stranger on the Shore  1949
  3. Bill Haley & His Comets – Rock Around The Clock 1955
  4. Buddy Holly – That’ll Be The Day 1958
  5. Please Please Me – The Beatles 1964
  6. Cher – Bang Bang 1966 -This was the first vinyl 45rpm record I ever bought…
  7. Daydream Believer – The Monkees 1967
  8. Sunshine of your love – Cream  1967
  9. Ike and Tina Turner – River Deep Mountain High 1968
  10. David Bowie – Space Oddity 1969
  11. Happy Christmas (War is Over) – John Lennon 1972

That was so hard, and I’m only up to 1972 and I didn’t even mention Rod Stewart or Pink Floyd yet.

If you wonder about the Monkees being in there with the Cream, it’s because of their TV show, which was funny, and Davy Jones, who was cute.

Feature Photo Attribution

White Cliffs of Dover 02” by Immanuel Giel – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons – https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:White_Cliffs_of_Dover_02.JPG#/media/File:White_Cliffs_of_Dover_02.JPG





7 thoughts on “Writing 101: Without Music, Life would be a mistake

  1. I loved the tracks, some of them are personal favs (read beatles and cher!)! There was such good music in those days, I always find myself drawn more towards my dad’s music collection (which is from the 70’s and 80’s) than the ones from my generation!

    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful list Maddy! 🙂


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