Limerick Poetry Challenge

This post answers a challenge from Rashmi at Mind and Life Matters

Not Happening!!

There was a young lady from Gaul

Who traveled to Spain in the fall

She met a young fella

Who just had to tell her

That frankly he found her too tall

7 thoughts on “Limerick Poetry Challenge

  1. Beautiful!

    I feel it’s funny 🙂

    Your header here looks so lovely 🙂

    Love and light ❤

    Anand 🙂


  2. Thanks Anand, I couldn’t find a good feature photo for the Limiericks. I think the main thing about the Limerick is that it is funny, the last line is usually a much better “punch line” of the joke. If you google “smutty songs & limericks” you will see what I mean and why I can’t share.
    Limericks were much used by troops going into battle which is why many are so crude and not really for the ears of ladies like me. I think troops kept their spirits up trying to outdo each other with the funny rhymes, but respect for women? Nope. We forgive them though because they risked their lives for us……


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