Hello all,

Do you ever use alliteration and onomatopoeia in your writing, as taught in school?

I have played this game in another forum and I find it fun. It would also help  your imagination, alliteration and, if we pick the right letter, onomatopoeia as well.

I’m gonna start to give you an example with the letter S and whoever makes up the longest sentence is the winner and starts the next challenge with a new letter of their choice. Every word needs to start with the same letter. Your sentence doesn’t need to make absolute sense but should be grammatically acceptable

Sitting sideways, Susan said she simply sold Sam several sizzling sausages, since service seemed seriously stalled.

If you don’t want your entry appearing on your blog you can always email me your entry at m.butcher@iinet.net.au.

Please tag your post Silly Sentence Challenge and leave a link in the comments so I know that you have made an attempt at the Silly Sentence.

Deadline this time next week – 15.30 on Friday.

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