In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “By the Dots.”

Whenever I think of dots I think of Joss.  Those blue dots on her shorts that I see whenever I hear the name. And then I see her handwriting – the dots on her is and js had become circles rather than dots. o o

Joss punctuated my early life. She put the commas into my days. ,,,,, She populated my world with exclamation marks !!!!! and many a time she blocked me with her full stops.     .      .     .    She compiled endless lists with semi colons; and colons:

detailing the things she was going to do with her life.

She must have been the first child with a bucket list:

Win Wimbledon; Climb Everest; Make a parachute jump; ride in a balloon.

But in the end, she just left us with one big question mark. ID-100110820

And those red dots, that were on the shorts that they used for her description in the missing posters. “Nine year old” last seen 5.00pm Monday July 10th 1961, Redmond Park, wearing white shorts with red polka dots, light brown curly hair in pony tail with red ribbon, white Aertex shirt. New canvas tennis shoes. white socks. The accompanying photo was gray, as if she had already faded away. But those red dots will always be etched in my mind…

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