A 500 word story

As part of the writing course I am doing at Futurelearn, this is my 500 word story based on whatever I heard when I switched the radio on. What I heard was “Baby express – the girl born on a station platform.”

They had planned a long time for this baby. It wasn’t Emma’s first pregnancy – a previous one had ended in tragedy.

She had had such fun shopping by herself in the lunch hours over the last couple of weeks, especially knowing it was going to be a girl. She had told no-one, because she didn’t want to spoil the surprise for James. She had picked out some darling pink baby suits – some tiny and quite cheap, but she had indulged in a couple of expensive outfits for later.

Emma was relieved to have finished work. Usually she dressed well for the office, in a suit with good accessories – matching bag and high-heeled shoes to make her look taller. She wore her hair in a practical short style which made her look young but businesslike. Her outfits would be dressed up with contrasting jewellery to complete the look. Her make-up was minimal but expertly applied and emphasized her best features – generous lips, high cheekbones, long eyelashes and deep blue eyes. But since the baby had started to show, none of the suits fit, and she had let things go a bit. She wished she were taller and could wear maternity dresses. Now she wore leggings with a smock, and had given away the make-up and the accessories. Being just a little plump to begin with, she had transformed the corporate look into motherly.

Feeling big and awkward, she had left work early today, so she would be able to get a seat on the train. As she waddled along to the station, she wondered where Marcia had found the lovely cupcakes for her farewell morning tea. They were pink and blue with little fondant baby toys perched atop the swirls of yummy icing. Such a lovely surprise!

As she took the lift down to the platform she felt a sudden twinge in her side. Probably just baby giving her an awkward kick, or trying to get into a good position. The express train clattered into the station so she was able to get straight on, and sure enough, the carriage was practically empty. She was looking forward to her month at home before the birth. They had planned to go away for a week-end soon.

But oooh, now she really did feel a pain in her side. She put her head back and tried to relax. Oh dear, she just wanted to get home. Fortunately there were no people near her as she involuntarily let out a groan of pain. What to do? She would have to get off at the next stop. The train began to slow down. “Come on. Stop. Open the doors, I need to get out.” she silently prayed. After two eternities, the doors opened themselves and allowed her to escape. She spotted an empty bench on the platform and managed to go and park herself there. As she did so, she felt a warm wetness. Her leggings were soaked. This must be it. Was this it?

3 thoughts on “A 500 word story

  1. I don’t think she got to the hospital – well, the woman reported on the Radio didn’t. I had to stop at 500 words so I’m not sure if this story will be developed further. I am using this blog for my writing course now, but i think I am going to do blogging 101 again too…Thanks for your feedback Rashmi…

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