Keep in touch with your elderly loved ones! Play a game . . .

Cathy Lynn Brooks

I play Lexulous with my mom who lives 150 miles from me. It’s a connection we have online. Lexulous is like scrabble so she takes a turn and then I take one. We usually play once or twice a day whenever either of us gets a few minutes. We don’t have to be online at the same time so it’s great. There is a chat space too so we can leave messages for each other. We’ve been playing for years, either on our computers or iPads. I’ve heard that word games keep the mind sharp so it’s great for my 81 year old mother and me.

I also like Mahjong which I also play on my iPad. The real game is played with tiles so the board looks like tiles piled on top of each other with Chinese symbols on them. It’s a matching game and only the tiles on…

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