Day 8: Expand on a comment

Day 8: Expand on a comment

I’m all for any celebration!

This was my comment in response to Barbara K’s post In or out: Older People’s Day on her Retiremint Blog

Whether we are retired or not, getting older must be¬†something to celebrate. After all, we have survived for longer than the majority of the population. So far, we have managed to cheat death, whether it be by terminal disease, fatal accident, murder or natural causes.¬†But at what¬†age are we entitled to celebrate this¬†“older” ?

Well, governments, who have to deal with the aging population, are currently putting it at around 70. That’s great, we live to work and as everyone knows, it keeps us younger,¬†fitter and happier. Brilliant how¬†they worked¬†that one out. The only spanner in their works are the¬†employers, who¬†are increasingly looking to the over 55s for their “restructuring”. And once “restructured”, we are the ones who will not be able to get another job due to the ageism out there. In the employment world, “older” starts at 40, especially if you are female.

Consider this, those of you who are still young. You will be old in a jiffy. You need to keep rising up the ladder to CEO or director, or hang in there as a politician, if you want to maintain an income until your retirement age. Owning and running your own business might get you there too if the economy is kind to you. It is acceptable to be old at the top.

But for the rest of us, who are the majority, we can say goodbye to the world of working for someone else at sixty. We are on our own.¬†So there we lie, without a pension and little chance of employment, tarrying in bed as we listen to those bright young things in the flat above bounce out of bed and leave for work. Now what are we going to do with our time? Our income just dried up¬†and¬†there’s nothing we can do to turn back the clock and look like twenty somethings.¬†We are the detritus of the Corporate world,unwanted by our former colleagues. Outcasts¬†of the office. Recruitment¬†rejects. From being independent contributors to society, we have become a¬†drain on the economy. a Problem, pariahs almost. What’s to celebrate?

Well, you are in great company. You don’t have¬†to go to work. You don’t have to prove that you are better than the next person, or feel crap if you aren’t. You no longer have to measure yourself with someone else’s yardstick. No stress. No hurrying. Nobody making demands on you. You don’t have to look smart every day or buy clothes suitable for work. You don’t have to be politically correct in case you lose your job. You can slob around in your trackies all day if you feel like it. Make new friends who are also jobless or retired.¬†You have time for them. They have time for you.¬†Have lunch! Take your Time! Downsize by selling all your clutter in a¬†yard sale. You have all day to wonder why you ever bought most of it. Have fun fossicking for bargains at the market or the charity store. You have all day to wonder why you ever bought most of¬†that too!¬†Write a book. If you can’t write a book, read a book, or a few books.

Clearly we should¬†celebrate our¬†new lifestyle. Change may have been forced on us, or we may¬†welcome it,¬†but whatever the case, at¬†sixty we have earned the right to celebrate being “Older”. Indeed we need to respect and celebrate our age if we hope¬†to improve life for future generations as their life expectancy rises; if we ant to¬†combat Ageism and allow older people to be included in Social life. The United Nations said so,¬†and in the lead-up to, October 1st,International Older Person’s Day I am looking forward to learning more about older people around the world.





Starting with a quote

Starting with a quote

“Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.”

Oscar Wilde

If anybody was ever¬†suited to give the above advice, it was Oscar Wilde. He was himself when people thought “coming out” meant going to a debutante’s ball.

When I was a child, I lived in a semi-detached house. You’ve probably all seen pictures of these 1930s houses, that are so numerous in London that you must have wondered how anyone ever finds their way to their own house, because they all look the same.

Be Yourself

In truth, there are many subtle differences, but the house that adjoined¬†mine¬†was a faithful mirror image, down to the leaded fanlights and the front porch. But things looked very different from¬†next door. When I visited there, I got¬†my first inkling that my friend Janet was different from me, and that prompted me to wonder what it might like to be somebody else. Everything in Janet’s life seemed to me to be vaguely uncomfortable. Clearly she was living life the wrong way round, and I was glad to be able to go home at night and get life¬†back the right way.

In those days, Madeleine was an unheard of name so ¬†I was always Maddy. If I wasn’t accused of being Mad! I would be repeatedly asked “what’s your name again?”…. “What?”

So I had a considerable interest in being a more fashionable Tracey, or ideally, a Lorraine.

Visiting other friends’ houses was rather like trying on a completely new identity – not only a different¬†house, perhaps a new street name or even a different suburb. The garden layout would¬†¬†be unfamiliar, the plants¬†had been chosen by others, and there was¬†a new set of parents and¬†siblings.

It was always fun and interesting to meet other people and find out how they got to be like they were.

But it was so comforting to go home, where I knew who I was dealing with, and things are the right way round. So Maddy it was. And Maddy it has remained. What a good job all those other lives are taken!

Blogging 201 Goals

Blogging 201 Goals


  • Gain 50% more followers by September 30th.
  • Increase average daily hits¬†100% by¬†the end of 2015.
  • Publish Six¬†times each week during¬†September and October including Guest Blogger

Why do I blog?

  • To establish myself¬†as a leader in¬†the field of retirees, their activities and concerns.¬†To gain followers over the age of 60. To connect with others¬†and to clarify my own thoughts, as well as to maintain an interest in the changes taking place in our world and to keep other seniors informed on how they can benefit from technology. To stay connected.

If my blog exceeded my wildest dreams, 

  • it would generate a lot of comments and discussion.I expect to continue to develop and change the design of my blog.¬†I would like thousands of¬†followers. I am more interested in¬†traffic than sign-ups.¬†¬†The majority of participants would be¬†over sixty of both sexes and from all around the world.¬†¬†I would post daily except for Saturday.

Day 6: The space to write

Day 6: The space to write
  • I write on my laptop¬†at home at my desk, which takes up very little physical space. I do like to be sitting at a desk when I write.
  • I need to be alone to write, and wouldn’t go to a cafe to do it.
  • I usually go to a cafe to meet¬†friends,¬†but maybe I would be more of an artist if I went alone and took a book!
  • I used to write in my bedroom – that’s where the computer lived. But since I was spending a lot of time blogging, that didn’t seem right, so I have migrated to my living room with a lap-top. Here I don’t have to move far to make a cup of tea and a snack. I can see the TV if I want to watch something¬†I find online.
  • There are few distractions here so it is a good place to write. So far housework has not succeeded in distracting me from Writing 101. But it is always there if I get stuck.
  • How lucky am I to have this space? Will I find out if I have it because I am meant to write something? Or will it be a case of “Carry on Blogging”?
  • Who knows¬†–¬†in the summer I might move onto my balcony for a more airy and open state of mind.
  • The space all writers¬†really need is head-space,¬†which is another thing that has arrived unexpectedly in my life. The delinquent tenants have been evicted. No more commuting, multi-tasking or meeting of “expectations”. Time to think.
  • As yet I don’t have a writing habit. I have a blogging habit.

And now for the poll:



Elementary particle interactionsUncertainty is built into the very fabric of life, as demonstrated by quantum mechanics and Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle. Schrodinger’s cat could be dead or alive, we just don’t know until the moment we open the box and have a peek.

But when we add up all those little pieces of uncertainty inside those atoms, the sum of those parts do seem to lead to some certainties. For example, the law of conservation of energy states that the total energy of an isolated system is conserved over time.
Entropy is another law of physics which ensures that everything in the universe eventually moves from order to disorder. We age because of this. Living things die and decay because of this. According to Einstein everything is relative. Without time how could there be any life or death?  To tell you the truth, I’m not certain.

Insurance companies rely on our uncertainty of what may happen in the future to make their profits. If we all already knew that our house was not going to burn down ever, none of us would need insurance.

If things were certain, I would have no fun at all writing about change and how our lives might look in the future.

I think.

light-at-end-of-thetunnelBut then it occurred to me that if everything was certain, I could buy a particular share tomorrow and know that I would make a profit by next year. But if next year’s price on a given date was certain, everybody would buy the shares and that would change the price, so we are back to uncertainty again.

Well I’m no Einstein.

If we have to live with uncertainty, and it seems we do, we can learn from the Insurance companies. Based on experience we can estimate outcomes based on probabilities. We can look at the experience of others, but most people learn better from their own life experiences.

If I spend all my money on frivolities, it is probable that I won’t be able to pay my bills. It’s unlikely that it will suddenly start raining dollar notes to get me out of this fix.

Similarly the probability of any individual winning the lottery is slim. But one thing is certain. You have to be in it to win it.

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Cat in Box

By Calicocindy at English Wikipedia [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Light at the end of the tunnel

By en:User:TriTertButoxy, User:Stannered (en:Image:Interactions.png) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Back in my previous home – I write because

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So I think I can write for half an hour. Surely I can. I went to school. Thousands of kids in this world never got the chance to go to school.

I write because….

And I don’t¬†write… Maybe the question should be why don’t I write? But I have been writing.

I thought I started a blog because I wanted to find out how to make money online. But the thought occurs to me now, that I started a blog because I didn’t want to be idle. And I wasn’t idle.¬†I was busy filling my time finding out how to write a blog. Most people¬†think they¬†know what they’re doing. I did to an extent, but there¬†was¬†part of me that had no idea what I¬†was¬†doing. I had time.

I was furious. I didn’t want time. I wanted my damn job back. I wanted to put a deposit down on a house for my family and I wanted to pay off my home. I didn’t want my plans upset and I didn’t want to go out and get another job.

So I didn’t. I took the time. I started a blog.

Who¬†has the gift of time these days? There must be a reason¬†for this gift.¬†Maybe I’ve¬†started to write a blog¬†because it’s what I need to do to find out that I ought to be writing. But now I’ve got no time again. I’m writing a blog.

And I don’t write. I blog.¬†The funny thing is, people are actually reading it¬†and tell me they are enjoying reading it. I have discovered that I enjoy writing it. But It’s not creative writing. I’ve never really tried that because I was never great at writing at school, nor was I¬†ever keen on reading the prescribed school books. And yet I have been an avid reader all my life. With a particular taste for anything weird or unconventional.

I know when I pick up a book and read the first sentence, whether I am going to read that book¬†to the end.¬†There are very few books that I have picked up and not finished. Some I have struggled with, some have defeated me two thirds through. But mostly, if I haven’t put it down after the first sentence, I stick with it to the end. I think this gives me a good foundation if I am going to write.

Its a new situation for me, having time to think. I have often thought, if I could just write the first sentence, and had the time, that I could write a whole book. I could create my own world and control all of the characters and events.

That¬†first sentence was never written. There was no time for¬†the second and the third…

And I annoy myself with my default mode of thinking. Which is, when it comes to writing, that I could not write a successful book made into a film like one of my extended family members did. Or have several of my books published like another family member.

But I don’t need to be published¬†or¬†to¬†write¬†a best seller. Or to be a poet. I just need to sort my head out. If this is what writing does, then I need to do it.

If I write, it will be¬†“because there is some lie that I want to expose” (George Orwell)

or¬†“because I don‚Äôt know what I think until I read what I say.” (Flannery O’Connor)

or for some reason I’m not yet aware of – “I don’t know” (Cormac McCarthy)

I’m relaxed. I can go with the flow.

I’m doing Writing 101

Maddy has moved home

Maddy at HomeHi everybody,

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